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The PMP? Exam Simulator

Supplement your studies with realistic exam questions. Get used to the types of questions you will be asked on the actual exam. It is not JUST about knowing the materials, it is about applying your knowledge to scenario based questions. The BEST way to prepare is to practice, practice, practice! With 1800 questions available to you, this is the practice YOU need.

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The PM Study Coach

?How about some special ‘spot’ training? Sometimes, what you need is just a little extra information to assist you with the more challenging topics.

Exam coaching – Need help on your exam preparation strategy? Try The PM StudyCoach. ?

The PMP? Exam Formula Study Guide

Exam formulas? – Math is YOUR friend, check this out.

?And here is MORE help:

In trouble with ITTOs? – Here is the secret to learning ALL of them!

Flash cards – Turn wait time into exam prep time with these eFlashcards.

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?Preparing for your CAPM? ?  It never hurts to have some extra help.

The PM PrepCast for ?CAPM? is designed to show you exactly what you should focus on in order to pass the exam. Don’t waste your precious time, The PM PrepCast for ?CAPM?.

Try adding the ?CAPM? exam simulator to your exam preparation toolkit. With 750 practice questions, you will approach your exam day with confidence.

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